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About us

We are located near the sunny beaches of Santa Monica, California. We have a fun-filled and casual culture that fosters creativity, and innovation.

We believe in creating mobile applications that are clean, safe, and simple to be used by everyone.

Our Products

Cazualy has created a very different and out of the ordinary mobile chat application named Ragchews.

Ragchews helps you discover and find like-minded individuals in a targeted location anywhere in the world to chat anonymously and get personalized and localized information in real time.

Ragchews is based on centuries old proven concept of the Ham radios, just a whole lot easier and with much wider coverage. Ragchews modernizes this dated concept and allows you to choose and target a specific city/town anywhere in the world and discover like-minded people from that area based on your interests.
We believe that Ragchews will help everyone safely tap into the human knowledge that may not be published anywhere.

Ragchews is available for free download on Apple App Store and Google Play.

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We are located in Santa Monica, California
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